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Accessing care can be tough.
Shurpa makes it easy.

Shurpa Health is solving the logistics of non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) and HouseCalls. By leveraging patented AI we are able to drive efficiencies greater than 15% in existing fleets while powering a more satisfying patient experience.

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Driving patient outcomes through better logistics

Shurpa is a logistics optimized platform, built for the group up to serve the needs of healthcare providers.

Hipaa Compliant Chatbots

HIPAA Compliant Chatbots

Roundtrip Functionality

Roundtrip Functionality

Seamless EMR Integrations

Seamless EMR Integrations

reporting and analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Call center confirmation

Call Center Confirmation

patient experience features

Patient Experience Features

We make healthcare logistics seamless

Shurpa is solving the logistics of access to care, with a focus on unlocking capacity in existing networks. Whether you are doing non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) or HouseCalls, Shurpa’s patented AI can help your organization drive efficiencies, while creating more satisfying, and more reliable, logistics experiences for your patients.

Shurpa is also the only healthcare logistics platform to work seamlessly with electronic medical records (EMR) systems. We have a native integration with eClinicalWorks, and can power integrations with more than 40 other EMRs via our partnership with Redox Engine.

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How it works

Case Study:

Who we're working with

Cano Health is a managed care organization in South Florida with over 30,000 lives, and a network of clinics spanning Miami-Dade County as well as Tampa and Orlando. Prior to engaging Shurpa, their transportation was managed via spreadsheets, and largely dependent on coordination at the center level, and even by individual drivers and patients.

Since engaging Shurpa, there has been a more than 20 percent increase in fleet efficiency, and a more than 90 percent decrease in transportation planning time. Patient satisfaction with transportation has risen measurably, especially with features like SMS notifications and fast return trip routing when they’re ready to go home. Shurpa has moved beyond transportation planning and route optimization, into delivering actionable data for health outcomes and cost savings.

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Greg MacGraw

Director of Transportation Cano Health
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Prior to Shurpa, we had no good system for managing transportation. With Shurpa, our fleet efficiency has increased more than 20 percent, and patients are very happy with the new system. We are able to route patients home faster, with less overall time in the center. Additionally, drivers love how easy the software is to use, and we don’t have to invest in a bunch of specialized tablets. The Shurpa team has been professional, flexible, engaged, and is consistently raising the bar on transportation at Cano.

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Find out how Shurpa can help you unlock additional capacity in your healthcare logistics network today.

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